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If you’ve been considering selling your home for a while, you might be looking for tips and tricks on the best way to prepare your house, maximising its appeal which will hopefully lead to a speedy sale.
As property marketing experts in Sunderland, we believe that if you follow these 10 top tips, your house will be sufficiently prepared, tempting to buyers, and ultimately, will show your home off to its full potential without the need to spend a fortune.

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  • If it’s broken, fix it

Whatever it may be, from a crack in the wall, to faulty guttering, to replacing an old lightbulb, it is always best to get these DIY jobs, not matter how small, ticked off before potential buyers come to view your property. Its highly likely that your buyers will be viewing many properties, and if yours requires as little DIY as possible compared to others they have seen, it will stand out.

  • Keep your home clean and tidy

In both your property marketing images for listing sites, and when viewers come round, it goes without saying that keeping your space clean and clutter free will only maximise your home’s assets, offering a more accurate representation of the room sizes.

Spend some time sorting out your belongings, declutter where possible, and maintain tidy rooms to make your home look as spacious as possible. An excess of clutter or unnecessary furniture may make the room feel smaller and cramped, which isn’t an ideal attribute.

  • A lick of paint

If you have brightly coloured walls that are to your personal taste, it is probably worth painting over in a more neutral colour in order to lighten the room and make it feel more spacious. Colours that are to your taste, might not be to someone else’s taste, but if you want to keep some personality in the room, why not accessorise with fresh flowers, or bold cushions?

It is best to paint prior to your property marketing photos/videos being taken, so potential buyers can get a feel for the property in its updated state.

  • Good quality property marketing images

At CEPCplus, we are experts when it comes to presenting properties in a way that maximises their full potential. In order to attract potential buyers, be sure to choose our property marketing photography package – we aim to get your property noticed, and most importantly, stand out against the crowd.

  • Setting the best first impression

Your potential buyers will usually form their first impression your home within seconds of walking through the door, if they haven’t already made it based on the outside of your property. If you have a front garden, be sure to give it a little TLC, prior to any viewings. Whether this is by mowing your lawn, or adding some new potted plants, if your exterior looks well-looked after and inviting, it will only reflect positively on the rest of you house.

  • The right balance between homely, and future potential

It goes without saying that your home is more than likely in a current state of suiting you and your family’s preferences – you have made it comfortable for you.

Whilst this is great, your potential buyers may have other ideas, and might be put off by bold décor or furniture choices. When thinking about your property marketing, our main aim is to show your buyers you house to its full potential, allowing them to form their own ideas on what they’d like to do with the rooms.

  • Let your viewers look around

When a potential buyer comes to view your property, they need to be allowed to wander around freely so the achieve a non-biased feel for the home. However, once they have completed their view, make sure you are on hand to answer any questions they may have.

  • Be conscious of your pets

If you have pets living in your home, be mindful that your potential buyers may be allergic, so it is best to hand them over to a family member or neighbour for the duration of your viewing. They can also distract you viewers as they’re looking around, not allowing them to take in their true feel for the place.

Be sure you clean up and pet hair that might be on floors or furniture both before your property marketing images are taken, and before any viewings.

  • Choosing the right estate agent

Once you have sufficiently prepped your property and you feel better prepared and ready to sell, it is important to make good choices when it comes to choosing your estate agent. If you have friends in the area that have bought or sold properties, ask them for recommendations. Make sure they’re good value for money, are proactive, and don’t be afraid to negotiate. A good knowledge of the local area is also a bonus.

  • Choose the best buyer

Once offers have been made on your house, it is down to you to choose the best buyer. It is worth considering buyers that have already sold their home, or cash buyers that aren’t relying on a mortgage. You will naturally make your own impression of you potential buyers, but consider other things such as how quickly you want the house to sell, and whether you have found somewhere to move yourself.

Choose High-Quality Property Marketing in Sunderland

When it comes to selling your home, good property marketing can be the difference between your home being on the market for ages, and a quick and easy sale.

At CEPCplus, we offer a range of property marketing packages that will ensure that your home is presented to its full potential, allowing it to stand out in an over-crowded market.

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