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Whether you’re a landlord ensuring the protection of your tenant, or prospective buyers on the hunt for a new property to rent out, electrical safety is one of the key factors for a comfortable and safe home.

We use electricity from the moment we wake up and almost constantly throughout the day – it is part of our everyday lives and as a result, we can sometimes forget how powerful it can be. If something isn’t quite right with your property’s electrics, it can be very dangerous, which is why electrical safety inspections are vital.

At CEPCplus, we offer comprehensive electrical safety inspections, as well as providing affordable EPCs in Sunderland and the surrounding areas. Electrical safety inspections need to be carried out every 5 years or at every change of tenant to ensure that your tenants are living safely within the property.

In between your electrical safety inspections, here are a few tips and steps to take to help reduce the chance of electrical accidents in your property, and a few things to look out for when viewing potential properties to buy.


  • Check Your Light Switches and Plug Sockets

Make sure all of the switches and outlets are working properly and are not overpacked. If you or your tenants notice anything unusual, this could show signs that something is not quite right with the inner electric wires.

Relying too heavily on extension cables can also be a risk to electric shocks or malfunctions.

Our Sunderland electrical safety reports will make note of any problems, and potential risks, providing recommendations for following actions to take.

Prior to an inspection, if you spot any discolouration, your outlets are hotter than usual, strange sounds or smells, turn off your power and be sure to call an electrician immediately.


  • Check Your Electrical Appliances

When checking your property’s electrical appliances such as your refrigerator, washing machine, and tumble dryer, you should be receptive to the same unusual things we said to look out for with your light switches and outlets.

Any strange smells or odd noises could indicate that something isn’t right and should be checked out by a professional electrician. Any damaged wires and cords must be checked out too as they can become a serious fire hazard.

Our electrical safety inspection will thoroughly check all of your property’s appliances, making sure they can all be used safely by your tenants.


  • Check for Water-Related Electrical Hazards

Water and electricity are a deadly mix.

Are all of your property’s kitchen plug sockets located at least 30cm horizontally away from the sink? If not, this may not be a safe distance and could be a serious electric shock hazard.

Likewise, in your bathroom – are shaver supply units positioned away from your bath or shower? Is the bathroom’s light switch a recommended ceiling mounted cord or an everyday wall switch that could be a hazard if switched using damp hands?

Any advice and recommendations will be made clear in our electrical safety reports to make sure risks of electric shocks are down to a minimum.


Book Your Electrical Safety Inspection in Sunderland Today

These are just a few simple measures to keep an eye on in between your electrical safety checks. If you do spot anything out of the ordinary that you think could be putting your tenants in danger, be sure to seek professional electrician services as soon as possible.

Our team provide in-depth EPCs that will report on any potential hazards that could have been missed.

To book your inspection today, please call 07766 171 246, or use our online contact form to leave us a message.