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What is an EPC?


EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate – it is an assessment of a building designed to measure how energy efficient it is.  Properties receive a rating on a sliding scale from A-G with A being most efficient and G being the least efficient.




Since 2008 all properties that come to market either for sale or to let, require an EPC by law. An EPC is valid for 10 years from the date of issue – although it is recommended that if any major changes to the property take place (such as extensions or if a new heating sytem is intalled), a new EPC should be issued.

There is no pass or fail as such – the EPC is simply to inform a property owner or tenant of how they can improve the efficiency of the building. However, as of April 2018 rental properties owned by private landlords must meet a minimum of an E rating – properties that are F or G rated will not be legal to re-let.



The EPC survey is a non-complex survey that looks at the elements of a property that affect its efficiency – for example: the age of the property; the heating system and its controls; glazing; loft & wall insulation and the lighting are all used to build an overall efficiency score.

A member of our surveying team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to carry out the survey. Once the data is collected at your home or commercial premises, the assessor will return to the office to collate the data, carry out the necessary calculations and create the EPC. Once created, a copy of the EPC is automatically added to a central online database, which is accessible to estate/letting agents, solicitors and anyone else that should need access to the EPC. Additionally, a digital copy of the EPC will be emailed to the building owner for their own records.


Improving your property’s EPC rating

There are many different ways to improve your EPC rating and this will typically vary depending on the different size, age, and build of properties.

There are a few sure fire ways you can better your energy efficiency in your property: Installing low energy or LED lighting, installing double glazed windows, insulating your roof/walls/floors, and draught-proofing your property are all effective ways of lowering the running costs of the property – therefore making it more efficient!


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