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EPCs for Letting Agents

CEPCplus: Sunderland’s Independent EPC Specialist for Letting Agents 

An EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate and is essential for any landlord or letting agent intending to rent a property privately. As of April 2018, a landlord that is privately renting must obtain at least a rating of ‘E’, otherwise they will not be permitted to rent or continue renting the affected property. Luckily, CEPCplus are specialists in assessing properties and advising on how best to improve your energy efficiency……….and, we survey your property from only £45.


The Basics of EPCs for Landlords in Sunderland

Your Energy Performance Certificate assesses how energy efficient the property is. It is measured on a sliding scale from  ‘A’, which is highly efficient, to ‘G’ which is very poor. Private landlords must now secure at least the grade of ‘E’ before they are permitted to rent their property. An EPC is valid for 10 years, but it’s highly recommended you apply for a new one whenever a major change to the property occurs such as an extension or conversion. As an independent EPC specialist in Sunderland, CEPCplus not only assess your property and provide you with your certificate but we also advise you on how you could better your rating if you fall below the required E rating cut-off.



Why Choose CEPCplus?

We at CEPCplus in Sunderland are independent EPC assessors and property marketing specialists. There is nobody better qualified to handle the assessment of your EPC, because we understand rental properties and the needs of landlords like no other.

  • EPC assessments from only £45 including VAT
  • No hidden surprises in pricing and quotes
  • Personalised advice on improving your EPC rating
  • Professional guidance on marketing your rental properties
  • Other professional services including floor plans and property photography

We are unique in that we understand how to market your property not only through obtaining and improving your rental properties’ EPCs, but through our other impressive professional services. Our EPC services save you money and are much more cost-effective than the fees you are likely to be charged elsewhere, which is why we’ve become a very popular choice for private landlords and letting agents in Sunderland and the rest of the North East.


Improving Your EPC’s Energy Efficiency Rating

There are many different ways to improve your EPC rating and this will typically vary depending on the different size, age, and build of properties.

There are a few sure fire ways you can better your energy efficiency in your rental properties: Installing low energy or LED lighting, installing double glazed windows, insulating your roof/walls/floors, and draught-proofing your property are all effective ways of lowering the running costs of the property – therefore making it more efficient!


Book your EPC survey with CEPCplus in Sunderland, the cost-effective property marketing specialists favoured by letting agents and landlords. Call 07766 171 246 or Contact Us today!

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There’s no need to pay expensive estate and letting agent’s fees for EPCs – as EPC specialists in Sunderland, we will provide you with an EPC for a fraction of the price. 

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