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Rental Property Inventories



Rental Property Inventories

Rental property inventories  are important to ensuring that all of the appliances and amenities within your property are accounted for at the beginning and end of each letting, and ensuring your tenants are compliant. This not only makes sure your property is ready for new tenants, but it also ensures that your previous tenants haven’t concealed the removal of any of your inventory.


How to conduct property inventories

 At CEPCplus, our dedicated team providesrental property inventories for landlords  in Sunderland. Our inventories for rental properties include the listing of walls, ceilings, windows, fixtures and fittings, paint colours, floor covering, cupboards, doors, kitchen units and appliances, bathrooms, furniture, gardens, garages, and any additional furnishings you provided as a standard.


We make sure the document is detailed so as to protect you against any removals of your property after the termination of a letting contract or rental agreement. This also ensures that, should anything be damaged or goes missing, appropriate deductions in deposit can be made.


Compliance and Support

 We help landlords create a rental property inventory that is agreed to by the tenant(s) so that whenever they are checked in on, you have all of the necessary details to ensure a thorough check. We will also help you create reports and finalised documentation to best support and keep track of your inventory and subsequent check-ins. It is also best practice to outline the responsibilities of the tenants, what maintenance they are to provide where necessary, and what constitutes fair wear and tear.

Our property marketing experts in Sunderland will gladly provide landlords with rental property inventory regardless of whether your property is furnished or unfurnished. We will tailor our services accordingly, ensuring that you receive the support you need when entering the rental market.

 We will help you conduct a property inventory for your rental properties to ensure that you and your tenants are fully aware of what is provided and what is therefore expected to be kept in good condition. Together we’ll formulate an initial inventory and assist in tenant check-out inventories too. Contact the team at CEPCplus today to arrange an initial consultation with one of our property marketing experts and set in motion the plans for your rental property inventory.



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